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Our Story

The Supply of Real Food

It's time to get real about food, that's why real food offerings is at the heart of everything we do. Our core business is the retail supply of foods from our rich network of families in the Lockyer Valley, Darling Downs region and Greater South East Queensland.

"For four generations we have hand-selected, processed and transported our own fresh meats and smallgoods with a vision to deliver quality at household friendly prices. Now we are reaching out to our network of local growers and artisan cheese and wine makers so that we can be your one-stop in the village for all good foods." Peter Schulte

The Stores West End supplies a selection of local interstate and imported artisan products.

My name is Peter Schulte(Jnr). Along with my wife Mel and my family, we bring you our traditional country service as producers, wholesalers and retailers. Our network of farming families from the Lockyer Valley and the greater Darling Downs region enable that our product range is under our care from the time it leaves the farm until it arrives at The Stores West End. That's how we guarantee real quality at a price that is truly competitive.

Come in and talk to our team of chefs and food retail specialists as we open the doors on West End's own fromagerie for local artisan cheeses, a delicatessen for a full range of ready to serve delicacies and our fresh fruit and vegetable section alongside Schulte's Meats and Smallgoods.

You can count on Schulte's Meats & Smallgoods

Schulte's was established in the 1950's by my father, Peter Wolfgang Schulte, a German migrant and master butcher. Dad was the original artisan butcher. For six decades, along with my mother, he built our family business supporting the growth of local farming families and serving the community of the Lockyer Valley with meat and smallgoods at friendly prices. He instilled in us the importance and value of community, as well as the know-how for hand-picking and processing livestock. Today Schulte's is one of the largest remaining, family-owned, artisan butchers in Australia. Our processing facility operates exclusively to produce our own wholesale and retail product range. I'm proud to say we have employees who have been with us for up to four decades. They continue to provide gentle, hands-on animal care throughout the processing phase because that's so important to everything we do. The quality comes through the product. And we continue to provide the widest scope of cuts of any butchery in Australia, plus a growing range of traditional and internationally inspired, hand-made smallgoods. Our determination is to continue to honour the Schulte tradition of locally-sourced, high quality product at household-friendly prices.